Because since 2005 we have not only been developing activities aimed at promoting equality, but we have also been providing support so that many women could achieve their dreams.

+ Become a Member

The support of people like you allows us to continue generating events and activities that are a mix between creativity and training so that more women can reach their full potential.

+ Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in working as a volunteer on topics such as solidarity, peace, salary gap, female leadership, and equal opportunities, contact us.

Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program is aimed at creating an active citizenry committed to solidarity and aims to generate social capital.


Competences for being a volunteer

Self-management skills

Initiative and autonomy, capacity for learning, flexibility and vocation to do.

Organizational Competences

Teamwork, organization and planning. Ability to lead initiatives

Personal Competences

Optimism and enthusiasm to carry out a task and the necessary dynamism oriented towards objectives.

Communication Competences

Excellent management of interpersonal relationships, written and oral communication skills.

Creativity Competencies

Innovative thinking and problem solving from different perspectives.

Knowing how to be

Ability to behave at all times as expected depending on the situation and the people with whom it is related.

Social projects

If you are interested in promoting people’s social commitment to reduce inequality gaps, we invite you to actively participate in them.

moda solidaria

Fashion for the Future Project

Promoting Social Entrepreneurs


Solidarity Campaigns

To help those who need it most

Am Lat

Teaming America Latina

Solidarity Network