They aim to awaken and enhance female talent by sharing initiatives and proposals that expand their knowledge.

Education & Training

We work with women, the family, and the community to create networks that contribute to their transformation by acting on competencies and skills through education and training.

Inclusion & Culture of Peace

We promote the construction of a culture of peace, reinforcing the role of women as promoters of dialogue and debate to promote respect for tolerance and gender equality


We favor agreement and participation by opening spaces for dialogue in both public and private organizations to encourage and promote equality policies that help close existing gaps.

Laws Promoted

Law 4282: Equal Salary Day. Coordinate activities with the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to reduce the wage gap.

Law 4892: Economy of Care. It promotes actions on the contribution that the care economy has in the functioning of the economic system.

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Dedicated to today’s women, bloom-women is a dynamic program that promotes free expression and mass participation by disseminating news, opinions, ideas, courses of action and thoughts from a gender perspective. Focused as an alternative communication channel, the program acts as a meeting place to expand business, commercial and knowledge management networks of contacts. It is an intelligent space to deal with female social problems, their environment and trends in an enthusiastic framework that motivates action.


Sustainable Economy Projects

Harvesting Rain Water

Harvesting Rain Water

The project seeks to use a rainwater harvesting system to improve the quality of life of this small community in the city of Calamuchita, Córdoba province, Argentina.

OBJECTIVES: To bring to the most vulnerable population the existing tools and methods for collecting rainwater. Encourage the use of the methodology in populations living in places away from water sources at minimal cost.

ACHIEVEMENTS: construction of rainwater harvesting tanks through the “take it out” system and training in organic gardens.

Sports Ambassadors Program

It seeks to develop women leaders, giving them the responsibility of being ambassadors for equality in sport. The ambassadors are outstanding athletes in their respective disciplines selected for their athletic talent and for their exceptional commitment and ability to be a role model. They promote values such as teamwork, respect and discipline, acting as positive role models that support equality in sport.



Carried out in conjunction with both public bodies and other civil society organizations, they aim to raise awareness and give our campaigns greater visibility.

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