We are a foundation dedicated to providing resources and developing knowledge and experiences to support women in their efforts to achieve equal opportunities.

+ Our Mission

Consolidate gender equity by establishing strategic alliances that stimulate capacity building and make visible the importance of women in the development framework through their economic and social activities.

+ Our Vision

To be a civil society organization with influences on policies and actions to promote female leadership and sustainable development in the Latin American region.

Our Founder
Graciela B. De Oto, PhD

For more than a decade I have worked daily with women entrepreneurs and organizations at the national and international level to empower them. I have studied a degree in marketing, in addition to having completed Masters in Business Administration in Argentina and the USA where I also obtained a doctorate in Corporate Management. Since 2005, when I developed the Suma Veritas Foundation, I have been motivating and collaborating with women so that they can start their businesses and cultivate clients through training and the development of productive contact networks. I am a member of several women’s organizations helping to design programs and bills, as well as solidarity and awareness campaigns on gender issues. I have built my own brand in the country and abroad. I have learned many things along the way to share with other people who are in search of their passions and a change in their lives.

Our History


Our journey began in 2005 when we discovered the difficulties that women had to develop their enterprises

Flexibility & Multipurpose

Since then, this adventure called Suma Veritas became a space full of stories and emotions that grew as more women came to present their business ideas.

Social Interaction

Over time, the social reality echoed in our mailbox and we did not hesitate to incorporate solidarity activities to help those who need it most.

Mouth to mouth

By word of mouth and infecting acquaintances and friends by providing training to different groups of women, we began a strong bond with the local female community.


We began our non-stop growth: we developed bills, created our own radio program, trained women abroad, we were designated as an Embassy of Peace and even managed to have consultative status with the United Nations.

Future Ahead

Today, our bonds have as much energy as in the beginning. Our journey continues to develop innovative proposals aimed at promoting equal opportunities.

Our Staff

Thanks to the joint work of all of us who are part of the institution, we achieved exponential growth with the aim of transferring advances in equality to everyday life.

Graciela De Oto

Dra. Graciela De Oto


Jonathan Grispo

Jonathan Grispo

Marketing Manager

Silvia Iratchet

Silvia Iratchet

Institutional Relations

Dr Jorge Grispo

Dr. Jorge Grispo

Legal Director

María V Navarro

María Verónica Navarro

Collaborator in Press and Communication

Sofía Martilotta

Sofia Martilotta