We are a social, global and business network dedicated to the integral growth of women


We are a social, global and business network dedicated to the integral growth of women

Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key

At Suma Veritas we do things differently: By educating, motivating and inspiring women and helping them find success in their lives and in their businesses to achieve a cultural change that reduces gender gaps.

Special Consultative Status with the United Nations.

It allows us to participate in monitoring the issues of sustainable development, gender and in the regional, global processes of the 2030 Agenda, interacting with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

We develop our activity within the framework of the SDGs proposed by the United Nations to align them in favor of women and the strengthening of Peace, justice as a challenge in reducing gender gaps.

We connect

To women in a unique female networking community where they can meet, share stories, multiply ideas and disseminate successful experiences in a relaxed and relaxed environment.

We impact

In the competencies and skills through training, providing tools that make them leaders and active protagonists of their own ventures.

We empower

We help them embark on a journey of finding themselves by strengthening their skills through coaching and leadership.

Agenda for change

As part of our advocacy agenda for change, we prioritize the development of innovative training based on the principles of inclusion and representation, as well as facilitating connections between female professionals with the aim of generating a greater impact on women.

The focus on them

We seek to empower them with tools and knowledge to encourage them to move forward and achieve their goals.

Our Priorities

Equal Pay Campaign

Equal Pay Day symbolizes the number of days that women have to work longer to earn the same pay as men earned the previous year. It is calculated based on an internationally accepted formula. The objective is to communicate that currently there are still wage gaps, raise awareness about this social reality and try to get the issue of pay inequity to be discussed in the media, make women aware of the need to defend their own interests and make this fact visible at the government and company level so that they can change their gender policies.

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